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During the process of using music many struggle with the complicated layout of parties involved.

If a song is used without permission from the owners, publisher or recording company then the user is faced with serious legal charges.

Since the 1980's Muzikotek has dedicated itself to collecting all rights for their composers. During this period they have dealt with endless legal matters in the copyright sector and have obtained extensive knowledge, experience and are prepared for any situation that may occur. Due to this Muzikotek presents a copyright consultancy service for any problems or questions you may have.

If you wish to be the sole user of the music you use in your project then your best option are jingles. The budget for a jingle changes according to what is requested and the terms of production. Since 1971, Muzikotek has continued to create endless numbers of Jingles and Commissioned Music with it's wide range of composers.

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Muzikotek, has also been working on original CD projects designed for local and international companies that are looking for a unique gift for their clients or an item that they can go on to sell. Please see below some of examples of the promotional material we have been involved in.

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Although Muzikotek is a publishing company, it often acts as a producer for certain projects.

Music publishing is the act of marketing the works by composers / lyricists , and often one of the duties is finding a recording company to release the material. However, unfortunately it's not always easy to catch the attention of a recording company. It's because of situations such as this, that Muzikotek steps in and releases the material.

See below for our various productions to date.

Due to the complicated structure of the music industry, composers, publishers, recording companies and music users can find themselves in serious legal disputes or face to face with various penalties.

Since the 1980's Muzikotek has protected the rights of its composers and lyricists and in doing so has on many occasions had to pursue matters through legal channels and in doing so gained huge experience and knowledge on the matter.

With this knowledge we offer a copyright consultancy for right owners or music users seeking advice for any difficult situation they find themselves in. This service is free of charge for all composers and music users that have agreements with Muzikotek, for all other interested parties a fee will be charged.

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For your convenience Muzikotek has a wide range sound effect catalogue of approximately 500 CD's. In this catalogue the user can find just about anything to do with citylife, home, nature, vehicles, office, fun, sports, people and much more.

The price of sounds effects is 50 YTL + VAT

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