When it comes to Audio Visual productions, producers have 4 choices when it comes down to selecting the music they will use:

1- Using well known tracks either foreign or local
2- Using music from music libraries
3- Commissioned music
4- Not using any music at all

Well known commercial compositions: The license request for commercial music must be made much earlier than the date one wants to use it. In these cases the composers approval is needed. After the publishing license has been granted the recording company must be found and a separate license must be cleard from there, however the composer or publisher may allow a re-record. As with Music Libraries there is no set fee, the fee is determined by a little bargaining. The process of gaining the license can take very long time and in some cases the composer or song writer will ultimately not approve the project.

Music Libraries: Using music from music libraries is a very fast and practical solution. Once the agreement is signed the music is open to the applicants use. The Publishing Company (Music Library) having been granted the permission by Composer and Songwriter can license and make the necassary authorisations. In every country there is a usage fee for this type of music. Another advantage of using Music Libraries is that the mechanical license given, not only includes the Publishing rights but also grants the recording rights. In short, with one license all rights are cleared.

Commissioned Music: Commissioned Music is an original piece of music ordered from the composer. The cost is determined by the details necessary for production.

Without a license or signed agreement the use of any composition is forbidden!

Anonymous and/or out of copyright compositions: The composer or song writer of an anonymous composition is unknown. The composer and song writer of an out of copyright composition is known. According to worldwide law 70 years after the death of the composer the composition loses its rights for copyright.

:: A point of notice is that with a new arrangement or new lyrics being written the composition is taken from being anonymous or out of copyright and is again copyrighted. One must take great care while using this type of composition. You may get in touch with Muzikotek in order to gain more information or support concerning this matter.

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