Erikli Honors “Uludağ” With New Commercial

02 July 2021

Erikli, one of Turkey's most important brands, says hello to summer with a new commercial. The beautifully shot commercial carries with it the slogan “Uludağ is Erikli’s Home” and features the classic musical work “Dağlardır Dağlar” (The Mountains are Mountains) which was written by Sabahattin Ali and composed by our brilliant composer Ali Kocatepe.

The ad. agency behind this successful production is PunchBBDO. The commercial displays the unique habitat of the Uludağ mountain which is the source of Erikli’s unparalleled taste. While showcasing the unmatched scenes of nature, Erikli puts forward the hashtag #KorumamızGerekli (#WeNeedToProtect), in an attempt to remind us all that we must take action now in order to preserve the future of the habitat.

We are honored to be a part of this wonderful project. Check out the commercial below;

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