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Since its founding year as a Limited Company in 1986, Muzikotek has served both local and international composers and lyricists with its professional team. In 2007 Muzikotek became an public company and continues to do what it does best.

Muzikotek is Turkey's first Music Publisher and for over 25 years has worked unceasingly in licensing the works of their composers to advertising agencies, production companies, TV channels, directors and all other areas to do with music both locally and abroad.

What is Music Publishing?

Music Publishing is a partnership between a Composer and Music Publisher. A Music Publisher seeks out talented composers, extraordinary compositions and then feeds the industry quality music.

This way the public and professional users are given an unmatched service. A Music Publisher supports both these compositions and composers who they believe have the potential to create very special works. They also work in order to gather the highest income possible for the composers they represent locally and internationally.

By sharing these compositions with users, they work to have them licensed. Muzikotek works both as a publisher and sub publisher of many local and international composers. Each licence given first requires the confirmation from the composer. Unlike the set pricing of Music Library music, in Music Publishing there isn't a set price for the works. Each project is looked over by the composer and lyricist in respect of details such as media, territory, period, length and number of versions.

Contact us for further information. (Turkish "Müzik Yayımcısı", English "Music Publisher", French "Editeur de Musique", Japanese "Ongaku Shupan")

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