New Music: MUZ070 Turkish Indie Rock

16 December 2020

Experience the exciting & exotic world of Turkish Indie Rock!

MUZ070 Turkish Indie Rock / Türk Indie Rock is a high energy, wacky journey through various forms of the Indie rock genre. Featuring Turkish vocal, the tracks combine different styles, moods and genres; merging the likes of ska, psychedelia, folk rock and even some synth pop.

The musical minds behind the album are Eren Tokgöz and Emre Çakar, who together go by their stage name AHMET BEYLER

Eren and Emre are known for their outlandish approach to song writing, which can embed an array of emotion in the listener. The track lyric themes go from love, heartbreak, obsession, saving the world through to personal enlightenment. 

MUZ070 Turkish Indie Rock / Türk Indie Rock is compiled of 20 phenomenal main tracks and their underscores. You'll also find lyrics translations in the metadata.

Head over to MAMA now to listen to MUZ070 Turkish Indie Rock / Türk Indie Rock.

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