What is Music Library?

Music Library is a catalogue of pre-recorded music prepared especially for 'Audio Visual' users such as TV, Film, Radio and advertising companies. The Music Library is home to an extremely wide spectrum of music. Its music is produced according to the specific needs of the industry, priced at an agreeable price and offers a much wider range than popular works. The prices for various usages for the music library music are already set. A license given for the music library music encompasses both the publishing and recording rights, creating a much simpler licensing process for the user.

The world's first Turkish Music Library is Muzikotek's. In addition to this since the 1980's Muzikotek has been representing the biggest and leading libraries in the world. See International Libraries.

From among the thousands of CD's within the Muzikotek catalogue you can find just about any type of music you're in search of. From classical music to jazz, from trance to rock, from tango to folk, from world music to childrens' music , the list is endless, each composed by a leading composer.

Our archive is constantly being updated with brilliant new works. Trying to get a license for a well-known song or a song from a commercial CD can often be tricky and a long process due to the permissions involved and often the composer might not allow the work to be used. It is because of this that the Music Library was brought to life.

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