MUZ074 Sci-Fi Elements Out Now!

21 January 2021

Retro and modern synth tracks for science and drama. 
We're kicking off 2021 with our brand new Muzikotek Music Library album Sci-Fi Elementscomposed by Richard Thomas, one of our long-standing composers and a member of production music royalty; this brand new album is a real love letter to the artistic expression of synthesizers in music. The tracks move from tense, dark and suspenseful through to light, playful and atmospheric with real retro vibes; the album is multi-dimensional and highly addictive. Prepare yourselves for a journey like no other surrounded by hauntingly hypnotic synth.

MUZ074 Sci-Fi Elements has a total of 24 main tracks with lighter variations, underscores and additional cut downs. Listen to the album on MAMA now!

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