Internationally renowned clarinet virtuoso Serkan Çağrı gave the classic song Samsak Döveci a new lease of life with a fresh arrangement he debuted on TV during...

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Presenting a Pınar Fortini movie. Dream Workers, is an intimate and daring journey into women's creativity, dreams and unexpected confrontations by life thro...

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The Turkish cult childrens song Ali Baba’nın Çiftliği (Ali Baba’s Farm) written and composed by Erdoğan Çaplı, is ready and waiting to be used in your productio...

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Having started to make a name for themselves in the Electronic Rock music scene, ‘eqho’, is now under Muzikotek’s protection. eqho has an impressive roster cons...

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After a 3 year break, Ahmet Beyler’s new single 'Dostum' is out via Muzikotek on Spotify, Fizy, Apple Music and all the other major digital music services. S...

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