Hulki Aktunç, a poet and writer born in Istanbul in 1949. Following his middle and high school education in Army schools he entered Istanbul University Faculty of Law. He didn't however continue with higher education. His life as a writer began with the 'Yeni Ufuklar' magazine in 1968, one of the most important magazines of the time.

His first book 'Gidenler Dönmeyenler' won the Türk Dil Kurumu Story Award in 1977, his book 'Bir Çağ Yangını romanı' won the Abdi İpekçi Award in 1981 and 'Bir Yer Göstericinin Hayatı' won the Yunus Nadi Story Award in 1990. During 1976 he focused on his poetry, leading to a string of poetry awards including the Halil Kocagöz Şiir Ödülü award in 1994 for 'İnsan Aşklarının Külüdür' and the Cemal Süreya award for 'Istıraplar Ansiklopedisi' in 1995. Following ten years of hard work his book 'Büyük Argo Sözlüğü' (The Great Dictionary of Turkish Slang) released in 1990 received great feedback both locally and internationally. He returned to storytelling in 1998 with 'Güz Her Şeyi Bilir'.

Two of his stories were turned into films 'Aşka Kimse Yok' directed by Osman Sınav and 'Bir Yer Göstericinin Hayatı' directed Tülay Eratalay.

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