Born in Istanbul, Mehmet Özkaya began his work in Classical Turkish Music at the Classical Turkish Music Association in Ankara. He was taught music, solfege, singing and repertoire by names such as Doğan Koçer, Yılmaz Pakalınlar, Feruzan Esmergül, Ferit Sıdal, Ahmet Hatipoğlu, and Metin Everes. After entering an exam and passing, he began working at TRT in 1990.

Mehmet Özkaya formed a Classical Turkish Choir at Çankaya University which at the time he was also working as a lecturer teaching about applications of Classical Turkish Music and sound.

He continues to work and train the Boğaziçi University, Halkbank, Fenerbahçe mahallesi Gönüllüleri and Örnekal Music Collectives Classical Music Choirs. He also has many compositions registered to the TRT Repertoire and Mesam.

With the album he released named "Symphonic Turkish Music Concert" which was compiled of recording from a concert he gave at ITU, he was awarded 2011'S "Best Classical Turkish Music" artist but the European Journalists Association and in 2011 was awarded the "3rd The First" award at Baku, Azerbaijan. With his second album called "Contemporary Music Orchestra Concert" he created a new contemporary doorway to Classical Turkish Music.

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